The need for monitoring the quality of wheat produced in Argentina, was for many years without being satisfied to not be a mechanism for systematic and representative of various cereal producing regions of this monitoring. This information, basic for both broadcast properties from our wheat internationally as providing a technical reference for the members of the nationwide chain, should be addressed by a combination of efforts from both the official and private sectors in the the various aspects of this issue were reflected.

The intention in the first instance could realize a survey conducted by a private initiative by the National Agricultural Technology Institute and the publication of a report by the 1996/97 harvest. This was consolidated beginning the following season, joining the coupler and cooperative sectors as suppliers of samples and a government agency, the National Health and Food Quality (SENASA), in addition to other tasks assumed the role of coordinator.

In 1998, the Cereal Arbitration Chambers of Argentina promoted a similar idea. Thus, on the occasion of the celebration of the "63rd Meeting Intercámaras", a project that among other things, pointed formalized: "... Create Intercámaras within a frame basis, by the Secretariat to all Chambers Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (SAGyP) may evaluate the quality of wheat produced in Argentina, reporting different results by region ... "

Following this line, they made sharers in the sectors of production, storage, brokerage, industry and exports, among others, also integrating with government agencies that were already working with the same intention. Together with the authorities of the then SAGYP SENASA and a work plan covering the organizational system, sampling methodology, regions, analytical results, statistical analysis, etc. are developed

In this way, the group formed by technicians Arbitration Chambers, government agencies and other sectors of the chain, set about giving force to this commitment, so that in June 1999, he managed to publish a new report denominated: ARGENTINE WHEAT, INSTITUTIONAL REPORT ON QUALITY, which continued with the same scheme and work plan drawn up today.

The intention henceforth is also to maintain and improve the technical aspects that characterize this work, have a date in its design and interactivity publication, adapted to new technologies in computer field and renewed demands of those who consult this material .